City of Dicidous

Session 02
The great escape, not so pious priest, and a bad case of mistaken identity

Players: Ash, Rebecca, Claressa

Session Foreword:
Giso’s neighbors (the wizard chef) noticed a large group force their way into Giso’s residence and noticed individuals rummaging through his belongings and loud suspicious noises. Being good citizens they alerted the proper authorities.
When the authorities arrived only Ash, Rebecca, Claressa managed to avoid being arrested by jumping through a convenient plot hole portal and arriving out on the street several blocks away.
Bonnie, Ethan, Kristen, & Brandon were then restrained and escorted to a holding cell for questioning. Not to worry Giso was taken to a Healing Clinic. But in his burnt, yet frozen, state he is not expected to recovery fully for a couple days.

The progress of Ash, Rebecca & Claressa
Ash is mistaken for a man by the name of Vil’for (pronounced “Veal-four”).
Rebecca, with a miraculous plea to heaven, manages to fill all of the empty positions at the tavern, save for a cook.
The party makes their way to the [[Cathedral of St. Cutherbert]] to acquire permissions to post a piece of CuthsList at the Journey’s End Tavern. The priest Craig is hesitant to oblige the party but consent on the condition that they go an fetch his holy symbol which was forgotten at a politically dishonorable establishment. He gives them the address and the party heads off on their way.
Upon arrival, Ash introduces himself as Vil’for and immediately gains entry and converses with Madame Danglar while Rebecca and Claressa fetch the holy symbol. The party departs. Upon reaching the street the party notices they are being followed. The party is eventually able to loose their tail and make it back to the Cathedral of St. Cutherbert.
The session ends with the delivery of the Holy Symbol and gaining permission to post CuthsList at Journey’s End.

Metagame info/conclusions: Trado is very greatful and offers you the suite free of charge and in effect your adventuring party never needs to worry about food or lodging and you have access to a quest board for side quests, dungeon crawling and the like.

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Session 01
Rats in the basement and a pizza golem

Yall killed rats in the basement and gained some Things

Then yall went to the wizards house and fought pizza golem. and absconded with some goodies



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