Journey's End

Tavern: Journey’s End

Location: In an adventurers ward, surrounded by narrow alleys and busy shops. The street outside is filled with the scent of damp earth.

Description: The inn is a two-story timber and brick building, with a small walled yard and garden and finely-crafted tables and chairs. Accommodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen mattresses.

Innkeeper: The innkeeper is Trado.

Poached Phoenix and Buckwheat Biscuits, Glass of Whiskey (4 sp)
Braised Dragon and Chestnut Bread, Glass of Mead (1 sp)
Steamed Hare with Ginger and Mulberry Tart, Glass of Whiskey (3 sp)
Boiled Sausage and Soft Cheese, Tankard of Ale (8 cp)
Poached Pheasant and Apricot Pie, Glass of Wine (2 sp)

Journey's End

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